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ASUU Strike: KASU Lecturers Kicks over Management’s Resumption Order

ASUU Strike: KASU Lecturers Kicks over Management’s Resumption Order
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On Tuesday, the Kaduna State chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU dared the administration of Kaduna State University to resume academic sessions. 

ASUU Strike: KASU Lecturers Kicks over Management’s Resumption Order

According to the union, no threats will force members to end the strike, which is supported by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dr. Peter Adamu, the union branch chairman, revealed this in an exclusive interview with THE PUNCH in Kaduna in response to a statement issued by KASU management threatening academic staff union with sanctions if they did not return to work.

Adamu claimed that the strike was legal and backed up by national and international law.

"There is no provision in Kaduna State University's statute or Staff Condition of Service that imposes any type of disciplinary action on teachers who participate in an action that benefits the university," Adamu stated emphatically.

"The strike is for the benefit of the university system as a whole, including Kaduna State University," he added.

"If you visit the school, you will notice that the majority of the buildings there are all the result of this type of fight."

"We are not concerned about any potential threat because such threats occurred and were reversed by the courts of the land even during the military regime."

"The strike has not been called off." We intend to strike until the Federal Government responds favourably."

In response to the school administration's prior investigation, while the strike was in effect, the Union Chairman emphasized that it was not the union that closed the school.

He stated that the administration is free to use whatever method they see fit to administer their tests. "The school may decide to exploit old questions or whatever," he said, "but we're not participating, and our members are determined to remain in this legitimate and constitutionally guaranteed strike action."

Adamu also urged the Kaduna State Government and students to recognize that the strike was for everyone's benefit.

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