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NDA 2015 PHYSICS Past Questions

Download Up-to-date Nigerian Defence Academy Physics 2015 Past Question and Answers (PDF); NDA, FREE NDA Past Questions 2022, NDA Complete Compendium
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NDA 2015 PHYSICS Past Questions

1. If tension is maintained on a stretched string of length 0.6m, such that its fundamental frequency of 220 Hz is excited, determine the velocity of the transverse in the string.
A 528 m
B. 264 m
C. 132 m
D. 66 m

2. What is poor thermometric liquid?
A. is opaque
B. is a poor conductor
C. wets glass
D. has a low vapour pressure

3. Calculate the refractive index of the material

4. The eye controls the amount of light reaching the retina by adjusting the_____.
A. cornea
B. iris
C. retina
D. optic nerve

5. At what frequency would a capacitor of 2.5 μF used in radio circuit of a reactance of 250Ω?

6. The earth retains its atmosphere because?
A. the earth is spherical
B. the velocity of escape is greater than the mean speed of molecules.
C. the constant of gravitation is a universal constant.
D. The velocity of escape is less than the mean speed of molecules.

7. When water in a bucket is whirled fast overhead, the water does not fall out at the top of the motion because?
A. the centripetal force on the water is greater than the weight of water
B. The force on the water is opposite to gravity
C. The reaction of the bucket on the water is zero
D. the centripetal force on the water is less than the weight of water

8. If a hoop of radius "a" oscillates about an axis through its circumference perpendicular to its plane, the period is?

9. If a hydrometer of mass 20 g and volume 30 cm3 has a graduated stem of 1cm3 and floats in water, the exposed length of the system is?
A. 30 cm
B. 25 cm
C. 20 cm
D. 10 cm

10. If a section of a soap bubble through its centre is considered. the force on one half due
to surface tension is?

11. An object of mass 2kg moving with a velocity of 4ms-1 has a kinetic energy of__.
A. 8 joule
B. 16 erj
C. 4000 erj
D. 16 joule

12. When water from a pipe is incident horizontally on a wall, the force on the wall is calculated from?
A. speed of water
B. mass x velocity
C. mass per second x velocity
D. energy of water

13. When a ball of mass 2kg moving with a velocity of 10 m
s-1 collides head-on with a ball of mass 3kg and both move together after the collision, the common velocity is?
A. 5 m
s-1 and energy is is lost
B. 4 m
s-1 and energy lost
C. 2 m
s-1 and energy is gained
D. 6 m
s-1 and momentum is gained

14. The ice and stream points of a thermometer are 20 mm and 100 mm respectively. A
temperature of 75°C corresponds to y mm on the thermometer. What is y?
A. 100 mm
B. 70 mm
C. 80 mm
D. 60 mm

15. Which of the following quantities is a vector quantity?
A. mass of an object
B. volume of an object
C. surface area of an object
D. weight of an object

16. The most suitable type of mirror used for the construction of a searchlight in the?
A. concave mirror
B. spherical mirror
C. convex mirror
D. parabolic mirror

17. In which of these is the expansion of solids a disadvantage?
A. the fitting of wheels in a rim
B. fire alarms
C. the thermostat
D. the balance wheel of a watch

18. Which of the following statements about the electric motor is false?
A. the coil turns in only one direction when current flow through it
B. the communicator cause change in energy
C. electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy
D. the coil is of insulated wire

19. Three 4 ohms resistors were connected in series by Tola while Ade connected the
same set of resistors in parallel. The ratio of the value obtained by Ade to that obtained by Tola is?
A. 1:2
B. 1:9
C. 1:10
D. 1:5

20. When a yellow card is observed through a blue glass, the card would appear as __.
A. black
B. green
C. red
D. white

21. Two long, parallel wires separated by 4.00 cm carry currents of 12000 mA and 20000 mA. Calculate the force per unit length on each wire.
A. 1.2 x 10N
B. 1.2 N
C. 1.2 x 10-3 N
D. 4.0 x 105 N

22. All the following about an RLC circuit is correct except?
A. voltage across a series circuit is equal to the algebraic sum of individual voltage readings across the element.
B. the angle by which the voltage lags or leads the current is called the Place angle
C. In a pure-resistive circuit, V and I are said to be in-phase.
D. Resonance occurs under the condition XL = XC, when Z = R is minimum

23.  On which of the following does the magnitude of the magnetic field acting on a pair
the charge depends: (I) charge (II) radius of separation of the charge (III) magnetic field (IV) the component of the velocity
A. I, III and IV
B. I, II and III
C. I, II and IV
D. I and IV only

24. A copper bar 15 cm long is perpendicular to a field of 0.8wb/mand moves at right angles to the field with a speed of 0.50m/s. Calculate the EMF induced in the bar.
A. 0.12V
B. 3.0 x 10-11V
C. 6 V
D. 0.06 V

25 Which of the units below is an equivalent of 1 Tesk (T)
A. wbm-1
B. N(Am)-1
C. N(Cs)-1
D. N

26. A satellite is to be launched from the surface of the room. What initial speed is needed
to be given to the satellite in order for it to escape the gravitational attraction of the moon? (Mass of the moon = 7.4 x 1022 Kg, Radius of the moon = 1.75 x 106m)
A. 4.2 x 103m/s
B. 3.6 x 103m/s
C. 2.4 x 103m/s
D. 1.2 x 103m/s

27. The magnetic needle defines the:
A. Dip angle
B. Magnetic declination
C. North Star
D. Is infinity

28. Atoms of different elements with the same mass number are referred to as?
A. isobars
B. isomers
C. isotopes
D. isotones

29. An object mass 50kg is released from a height of 2m. Find the kinetic energy just
from a height of 2m. Find the kinetic energy just before it strikes the ground.
A. 250 J
B. 1000 J
C. 10000 J
D. 100000 J

30. The solar energy comes from
A. nuclear fission
B. radioactivity
C. the convection of hydrogen to helium
D. the convection of helium to hydrogen

31. Which of the following instruments has a pure tone?
A. Guitar
B. Vibrating spring
C. Turning fork
D. Siren

32. Which of the following devices may be used to convert AC to DC?
A. A rheostat
B. A diode
C. An alternator
D. resistor


33.  In the diagram above, what would happen to the current, I, if another resistor R2 connected in parallel to R1?
A. It will increase because the equivalent resistance will increase
B. It will decrease if R2 is greater than R1
C. An alternator
D. A resistor

34. The principle of operation of an induction coil is based on __.
A. Ohm's law
B. Ampere's law
C. Faraday's law
D. Coulomb's law

35. Which of the following prevents the escape of radiant heat from vacuum flask?
A. the double-walled container
B. The vacuum between the walls
C. The outer casing of the flask
D. The silvering on the inner surface of the outer wall of the double container

36. The tendon in a man's leg is 0.01 m long. If a force of 5 N stretches the tendon 2.0 x 10-5 m, calculate the strain on the muscle.
A. 5 x 106
B. 5 x 102
C. 2 x 10-3
D. 2 x 10-7

37. The atmospheric pressure due to water is 1.3 x 106Nm-2 What is the total
pressure at the bottom of an ocean 10m deep?
A. 1.3 x 10Nm-2
B. 1.4 x 10Nm-2
C. 1.4 x 10 Nm-2
D. 1.0 x 10Nm-2

38. A gas has a volume of 100 cm3 at 270 °C. If it is heated to temperature T unit a final volume of 120 cm3 is attained, calculate T.
A. 33 °C
B. 60°C
C. 378.6 °C
D. 114 °C

39. A 0.05kg bullet travelling at 500 ms-1 horizontally strikes a thick wall. It stops after penetrating through the wall a horizontal distance of 0.25 m. What is the magnitude of the average force the wall exerts on the bullet?
A. 25 N
B. 50 N
C. 250 N
D. 25,000 N

40. The diagram represents a transverse electromagnetic wave travelling with a speed of 3.0 x
10ms-1 . What is the frequency of the wave?
A. 3.0 x 107  Hz
B. 9.0 x 10Hz
C. 1.0 x 109 Hz
D. 3.0 x 109 Hz


1. C
2. C
3. C
4. B
5. B
6. B
7. D
8. D
9. D
10. B
11. D
12. C
13. B
14. D
15. D
16. D
17. D
18. D
19. B
20. A
21. C
22. A
23. A
24. D
25. B
26. A
27. A
28. C
29. B
30. C
31. C
32. B
33. B
34. C
35. D
36. C
37. A
38. C
39. A
40. C

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