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ABSU POST UTME PAST QUESTIONS 2016 FOR ART (TEXT), past questions, absu past questions, free past questions
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Abia State Post UTME Past Questions 2016.

absu past qustion



There are many indicators with which to access or measure corruption. One of them is the affluent living habit of the public official compared to his/her declared income. Corruption occurs when a public official expects to be induced to perform an act which that public official is ordinarily required to do by law.

Corruption can slow down development. One of the most widely discussed consequences of corruption is the distortion of governmental expenditure. This often results in public money being wasted on white elephant projects, rather than people-oriented services such as health and education. As a result, more opportunities are presented for the corrupt use or diversion of funds. Raising the ethical standards of governance can lead to many benefits, especially for the economic, political and social development of the country.


Fighting corruption and promoting good governance is therefore crucial to developing an environment that facilitates the social, political and economic development of the people. however, while there are often general statements made about the effect of corruption on poverty and development, there is not an explicit recognition that corruption is more than just wealth misappropriation or abuse of power. Corruption impoverishes countries and deprives their citizens of good governance. It destabilizes the economic system when organized crime and other illegal activities, basic public functions are eroded and the quality of life of the people is reduced. Bribery, for example, is universally regarded as a crime measure, and the involvement of society at large.

Another implication of global measures against corruption is making government work better by preventing the economy. Finally, redesigning political and regulatory structures will reduce corruption and other anti-system players that encourage corrupt practices.

Adopted from thisDay Newspaper 28/10/2007

1. According to the writer, corruption is triggered off by
A. Selfish interest
B. public officers
C. private officials
D. unnecessary affluence

2. From the passage, one of the consequences of corruption is that

A. it is beneficial to wealthy people who stole public wealth
B. people get what they want with so much money to spend
C. it impedes the progress of a nation
D. large projects are executed

3. Who, according to the writer, should prevent corruption?

A. corruption public officers
B. the people
C. the government
D. lawyers and police

4. Which of the following is an indication of ethical standard of governance?
A. socio-economic instability
B. bloated expenditure
C. democratic governance

D. fundamental human right

5. The essence of fighting corruption, according to the passage is to
A. promote good
B. make people richer
C. punish corrupt politicians
D. send the corrupt to gaol

In each of questions 6 to 10, choose the option that best completes the gap.

6. A wide range of options_____ made available to students in their final year last year A. were
B. was
C. are
D. is

7. Paper is made _____ wood pulp
A. of
B. with
C. from
D. on

8. The federal government has _____child trafficking
A. projected
B. proscribed
C. prescribed
D. postulated

9. Based on the fact before me, I have no alternative _____ to hold you responsible.
A. as
B. but
C. than
D. only

10. Many people would always find reasons to ____ the law.
A. debase
B. circumspect
C. circumvent
D. arrogate

In each of questions 11 to 14, choose the option opposite in meaning to the word or phrase underlined.

11. The principal was advised to be flexible on critical issues.
A. livid
B. cautious
C. evasive
D. rigid

12. Chinwe was promoted for her efficiency.
A. ability
B. incompetence
C. inconsistency
D. rudeness

13. Election processes often become volatile.
A. calm
B. strange
C. sudden
D. latent

14. Ola thought that her father was very callous.
A. parlous
B. compassionate
C. wicked
D. cheerful

In each of questions 15 to 17, choose the option nearest in meaning to the word or phrase underlined

15. Peter is an ardent supporter of education for the girl child.
A. an ignorant
B. an optimistic
C. a cogent
D. a passionate


16. The scholar's epitaph was demolished
A. book
B. monument
C. embodiment
D. farmland

17. The exhibition was an eye-opener to all.
A. dispatch
B. display
C. style
D. examination

In each of questions 18 to 20, choose the option that best completes the gap

18. Those ____ are very beautiful.

A. flowers of her
B. flowers of her's
C. our flowers
D. flowers of ours

19. She traced her family history______ matrilineal descent.
A. in
B. by
C. with
D. at

20. The House and the Senate will ____at noon next Wednesday to hear a special address by the President.
A. convene
B. adjourn
C. rise
D. collude


21. Economics is the study of human behaviour as it relates to the ____.
A. efficient allocation of resources
B. production of goods
C. operation of companies
D. generation of income

22. Consumer surplus tends to be higher when demand is
A. perfectly elastic
B. elastic
C. inelastic
D. unitarily elastic

23. If demand increases without a change in supply, equilibrium price and quantity will
A. remain unchanged
B. shift inward
C. fall
D. rise

24. One of the characteristics of oligopoly is the availability of _____.
A. few sellers
B. few buyers
C. many sellers
D. a single seller

25. During the era of barter, money was generally in the form of ____.
A. notes
B. precious metals
C. coins
D. commodities

26. A change in the pump price of petrol in Nigeria has a direct on the
A. prices of consumer goods
B. prices of essential goods
C. cost of materials
D. cost of transportation

27. The reward on machinery and equipment in the process of production is known as
A. profit
B. interest
C. rent
D. wages

28. One of the main achievements of the Economics Commission for Africa is
A. eliminating trade restrictions among states
B. encouraging transport and communication development
C. guaranteeing a safety flow of foreign investment into Africa
D. providing the machinery for collaboration on monetary issues

29. The labour force of a country is determined by the
A. sex distribution of the population
B. number of people available for work
C. age structure of the population
D. geographical distribution of the population

30. Developing countries can improve their balance of trade by
A. producing quality goods for exports
B. importing standard goods from developed nations
C. fully deregulating their economies
D. exporting large quantities of raw materials



1. D
2. C
3. C
4. C
5. A
6. D
7. C
8. D
9. C
10. D
11. D
12. C
13. A
14. B
15. D
16. B
17. B
18. D
19. B
20. B


21. A
22. C
23. D
24. A
25. D
26. D
27. D
28. A
29. B
30. A

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