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NDA 2012 PHYSICS Past Questions

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NDA 2011 CHEMISTRY Past Questions

1. Which of the following statements is/are true of the law of universal gravitation?
A. Any two bodies attract each other with a force which is proportional to the difference of the masses
B. Any two bodies attract each other with a force which is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them
C. Any two bodies attract each other with a force is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them
D. Any two bodies attract each other with a force= which is directly proportional to the square of the masses

2. The turning effect of a force about an axis is:
A.  moment of the force
B.  motion of the force
C.  equilibrium of the force
D.  static equilibrium of that force

3. A rigid body under the action of a number of co-planar forces is in equilibrium if:
I. The resultant force is zero
II. The algebraic sum of the moment of the forces about any axis is zero 
III. The resultant force is less than one

A. I and III only
B. I and II only
C. I, II and III
d. II and III only                                 

4. Which of the following statements is/are correct about a couple?
A. A couple consists of two forces of the same magnitude but acting in same direction
B. A couple consists of three forces of the same magnitude but acting in opposite direction
C. A couple consists of two forces of the same magnitude but acting in opposite directions and not along the same line
D. Both a and b are correct

5. The unit of moment is ____.
A. N      
B. M         
D. NS-1

6.  Centripetal force can be worked out with the relationship
nda past questions on physics 2012

7. Angular velocity is measured in
A. metres per second
B. degrees per second
C. no units at all
D. radians per second

8.  A car goes around a bend, what provides the centripetal force?
A. Gravity
B. Friction
C. Electrostatic attraction
D. no force at all

9. A girl of mass 30kg is on a roundabout of radius 5 m that makes one complete turn every 5 seconds, what is the centripetal force acting on her?
A. 38N
B. 47 N
C. 236N
D. 300 N

10. The frequency of the oscillation is defined as ___.
A.  the time interval for a complete oscillation
B.  the number of complete oscillations per second
C.  the number of complete amplitudes per minutes
D.  the number of complete oscillations per minutes

11. Supreme FM Kaduna transmits at a frequency of 96.1 MHz. if speed of radio waves is 3 x 108m/s, what is the wavelength?
A.  1 km
B.  395 m
C.  312 m
D.  312 km

12. The equation for a transverse wave moving along a long string is y = 6.0 sin(0.020 x 4.0t). Calculate the amplitude.
A. 300 m
B. 6.0 m
C. 4.0 m
D. 0.02 m

13. Arrange the following electromagnetic waves in order of increasing wavelength
A.  x-rays, ultraviolet-rays, radio-waves
B.  radio-waves. x-rays, ultraviolet-rays
C.  ultraviolet-rays. x-rays, radio waves
D. x-rays, radio-waves, ultraviolet-waves

14. A progressive wave is given by y = 5 Sin(50 t - x) cm .Find the wave length
A. 5 cm
B. 50 cm
C. 106 cm
D. 6.28 cm

15. Standing waves are produced in a rubber tube 12 m long. if the tube vibrates in fire segments and the velocity of the waves is 2m/s. What is the frequency of the wave?
A. 4.17 Hz
B. 4 Hz
C. 1.60 Hz
D. 0.66 Hz

16. A metre rule weighing l N is pivoted on a knife edge at the 30 cm mark. If a 3 N weight is hung from the 10 cm mark, then to balance the rule, a 4 N weight must be hung at the ___.
A. 10 cm
B. 1.5 cm
C. 45 cm
D. 75 cm

17. If air resistance is ignored, a stone dropped from the top of a 20m building will hit the ground alter about ____.
A. 1 sec
B. 2 sec
C. 3 sec
D. 4 sec

18. Jack observed that his grandfather's clock is losing time. To adjust the clock so that it will keep the correct time ___.
A. increase the mass of the pendulum bod
B. decrease the mass of the pendulum bod
C. lengthen the pendulum
D. shorten the pendulum

19. Which one of the following does not depend on how large or how small a sample of material you have?
A. mass
B. weight
C. density
D. volume

20. The specific latent heat of fusion of ice is 340 KJKg-1, when 10 kg of water freezes ___.
A.  absorbs 34 KJ of energy
B.  gives up 34 KJ of energy
C.  absorbs 3400 KJ of energy
D.  gives up 3400 KJ of energy

21.  Which of the following is true or light and sound waves?
A. They both transmit energy
B. They both need a medium for propagation
C. They are both transverse eaves
D.  Their velocity in air arc equal

22. Which of the following is a vector?
A. Electric charge
B. Electric field
C. Electric potential difference 
D. Electricity capacitance

23. An electromagnetic wave has velocity of 3 x 10mand frequency of 3 x 10Hz. What is the wavelength?
A. 10 m
B. 10 cm
C. 100 cm
D. 1000 cm

24. If the distance between a mode and the neighbouring anti-node of a stationary wave is 20m, what is the wavelength of the wave?
A. 70 m
B. 70 cm
C. 60 m 
D. 80 m

25. In a certain type of eye defect. the focal length of the cornea is different in various planes.
Images in these planes are therefore focused at different points. What is this eye defect called?
A. Long sighted
B. Short sighted
C. Astigmatism
D. Homatism

26. An object is placed 12 cm from a convex lens. The image formed is 12 cm from the lens. Compute the magnification.
A. 2 cm
B. 1cm
C. 1
D. 2

27. A heater is rated 10 A. 250 W. What is its resistance?
A.  25-ohms
B.  250-ohms
C.  350-ohms
D.  2-ohms

28. Two transformers are identical, except dm the First has a solid iron core, while the second has a laminated iron core. What is the major disadvantage of the first when compared with the second?
A. The second will tend to overheat
B. The second is less efficient
C. The first will tend to overheat
D. There is no disadvantage

29. What is the total charge produced in a circuit when a current of 4 A flows for 2 minutes?
A. 400 coulombs
B. 360 coulombs
C. 360 joules
D. 480 coulombs

30. The leclanche cell contains a positive terminal made of carbon: the negative terminal is made or what material?
A.   lead
B.   zinc
C.   electrode
D.   platinum
nda past questions on physics 2012

31. In Fig. 2 above, MN is a light uniform metre rule pivoted at 0, the 80 cm mark. A load of mass 3.0kg is suspended on the rule at L, the 10cm mark. If the rule is kept in equilibrium by a string RP, fixed at P and attached to the rule at R, the 20cm mark. then the tension T in the string is ___.
A. 3.0 N
B. 3.4 N                
C. 6.0 N                
D. 7.0N               

32. A 0.05 kg bullet travelling at 500 ms-1 horizontally strikes a thick wall. It stops after penetrating through the wall at horizontal distance of 0.25m. What is the magnitude of the average force the wall exerts on the bullet?
A. 25 N
B. 50 N
C. 250 N
D. 25, 000 N

33. A force of 100 N stretches an elastic string to a total length of 20 cm. If an additional force of 100 N stretches the string 5 cm further, find the natural length of the string.
A. 15 cm
B. 12 cm
C. 10 cm
D. 5 cm

34. Two divers, G and H, are at depths 20 m and 40 m respectively below the water surface in lake. The pressure on G is P1 while the pressure on U is P2 if the atmospheric pressure is equivalent to 10 m of water, then the value of P2/Pis
A. 0.50
B. 0.60
C. 1.67
D. 2.00

35. The areas of the effort and load pistons of a hydraulic press arc 0.5 m2 and 5 mrespectively. If force Fof 100 N is applied on the effort piston, the force F2 on the load is ___.
A.  100 N
B.  500 N
C.  1000 N
D.  5000 N

36. Which of the following is a characteristic of stationary waves?
A.  they are formed by two identical waves travelling in opposite direction
B.  they can be transverse or longitudinal
C.  the distance between successive nodes is one wavelength
D.  the anti-node is a point of minimum displacement

37. To produce an enlarged and erect imam with a concave mirror, the object must be positioned ___.
A. at the principal focus
B. beyond the centre of curvature
C. between the principal focus and the centre of curvature
D. between the principal focus and the pole         

38. The property that is. propagated in a travelling wave is ___.
A. frequency
B. amplitude
C. energy
D. wavelength

39.  Which of the following eye defects can be corrected using a cylindrical lens?
A. Myopia
B. Astigmatism
C. Presbyopia
D. Chromatic aberration

40. The time rate of loss of heat by a body is proportional to the ___.
A. difference in temperature between the body and its surroundings
B. temperature of its surrounding
C. ratio of the temperature of the body to that of its surrounding
D. temperature of the body


1. C
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. C
6. C
7. D
8. B
9. C
10. B
11. C
12. B
13. A
14. D
15. C
16. D
17. B
18. A
19. C
20. C
21. A
22. B
23. D
24. D
25. C
26. C
27. A
28. C
29. D
30. B
31. D
32. D
33. A
34. D
35. C
36. A
37. D
38. C
39. D
40. A

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