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Section A - Comprehension, Section B - Lexis and Structure

Answer all questions in your Answer Sheet


Instruction: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow it.

The approach to the university is being restructured to ease the flow of traffic, give better security and provide an appropriate introduction to a seat of higher learning. The Works and Service Complex is also under construction and we intend to move into the completed (major) part of it within the next few weeks. All these projects are being executed with an eye to aesthetics, for we recognize the important influence of a beautiful and healthy environment on its inhabitant and felt that a cluster of buildings on a small space such as we have, should be so well designed as to have a beneficial psychological and sociological effect on all members of the community.

I have gone to these lengths to itemize these examples of current development for two main reasons. Firstly, to advise you that the road diversions and other physical inconveniences currently being experienced will be on the increase because of intense development activity. We, therefore, appeal to you to bear with us, in full knowledge and consolation that such inconveniences are temporary and will soon Yield final tangible results. Secondly, to demonstrate our capacity for executing approved projects with dispatch, and to assure Government that we are up to the task
Indeed, I can assure Government that its ability to task to disburse funds to us will be more than matched by our capacity to collect and expend them on executing various worthy projects in record time.

1.   From the passage, we can gather that
A. there is not much consideration for the health of the inhabitant.
B. there is a deliberate effort to inconvenience the people
C. projects are carried out without approval
D. the inconveniences suffered by the inhabitants will be for a while

2.   Unless it can be shown that the money voted for projects can be spent on them in good time
A.  the development activity will not be intense
B.  it will not be easy to convince the Government of our executive ability
C.  it will not be difficult to ask the Government for funds
D. our final results will be unreliable

3.   An eye to aesthetics in this passage means
A.  regard for space
B.  beneficial psychological effects
C.  regard for health
D. consideration for beauty

4.   In this passage, the author tries to explain why
A.  it is necessary to establish the Works and Services Complex in the University
B. beauty should not be taken into consideration when building on such a small space as we have
C. the gateway to the University is being rebuilt.
D. a major part of the project should be completed in the next few weeks

5. Which of these is NOT among the reasons given by the author for enumerating the examples of the current development?
A. To show that we are capable of executing approved projects
B. To convince the Government that we can be trusted with the task
C. The inconvenience currently being experienced will go on indefinitely
D. We have the capacity to complete worthy projects within the scheduled time


Instruction: In the following passage, the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each number in the list below each passage, four chances are offered in columns lettered A to D, For each question, choose the word that is the most suitable to fill the numbered gap in the passage.

When Bolingo lost his father when he was only a three-year-old boy, he had thought that he had the world before him because as a little child, he could not 6         between life and death. His mother, on whose _7__ the burden of bringing up Bolingo, an only son, and three of his younger siblings fell, had borne the cross        8     since the demise of her husband. So, it was a welcome relief to her when Bolingo secured a     9   job after a long search having graduated from one of the best universities in Nigeria several years ago. "After all", his mother had happily   10      . "he would assist me to see his younger ones through their educational needs". Besides the __11__she had been subjected to by her     12  over her son's inability to secure a job, however,  13     , since he graduated from the university would become a thing of the past.

Regrettably, her joy was short-lived. On the day when Bolingo would have started work at his desk, he got to his office just a few minutes past nine o'clock while he ought to have been there at 7:30am. He saw that the secretary whom he had come in contact with for the first time, as a fellow 14   on the day he had submitted his application for employment had already seated herself at her desk and was   15   in her work.

6. demarcate
B. differentiate
C. delineate
D. separate

7. A. shoulder
B. head
C. angle
D. Side

8. A. courteously
B. gallantly
C. graciously
D. magnanimously

9. A. beneficial
B. money-making
C. productive
D. lucrative

10. A. screamed
B. whispered
C. recalled
D. exclaimed

11. A. laughter
B. respect
C. mockery
D. sarcasm

12. A. border
B. neighbours
C. neighbourhood
D. neighbouring

13. A. boring
B. humble
C. skilled
D. menial

14. A. contender
B. candidate
C. applicate
D. interviewer

15. A. gripped
B. immersed
C. bored
D. engrossed

Instructions: In Questions 16 — 20, select the word nearest in meaning with the underlined word.

16. She did not divulge the location of the train.
A. reveal
B. acknowledge
C. propagate
D. know

17. The pilots were amazed at his piloting agility.
A.  strength
B.  happiness
C.  wildness
D.  sluggishness

18. Hyenas are cautious, cowardly creative — Jackals, on the other hand, are known for their temerity.
A.  friendliness
B.  recklessness
C.  cowardliness
D. behaviour

19. The wrecked ship had sunk to the bottom. Amid the remaining flotsam, rescue workers found only a life preserver.
A. rubbish
B  nets
C. water
D. sailors

20. Rock music is ubiquitous nowadays.
A.  everywhere
B.  modern
C.  soothing
D.  acceptable   

Instructions: In each of the following questions, there is a word or group of words underlined. Choose from the items numbered A to D the word or group of words almost opposite in meaning to the underlined words.

21. Mallam Khalil is covetous of his neighbour's horse.
A. Indifferent
B. Insensitive
C. Envious
D. Inconsiderate

22. Despite his father's discouragement, the young man opted for a military career.
A. Warning
B. Exhortation
C. Intervention
D. Commendation

23. The last Christmas was an austere period.
A.  Prosperous
B.  Harsh
C.  Severe
D.  Sour

24. The Military Governor upheld the decision of his cabinet.
A.  held up
B.  undercut
C.  abolished
D.  reversed

25. The aroma of fresh fish pepper soup stimulates my salivary glands.
A.  Odour
B.  Glamour
C.  Stench
D.  Appearance

InstructionsIn each of Questions 26 — 30, fill each gap with the most appropriate option from the options provided.

26. I do not think any sane person would have acted in such a       manner.
A.  rational
B.  composed
C.  secret
D.  cruel

27. Neither Agbo nor his parents            the meetings now.
A.  attended
B.  attend
C.  has attended
D.  attends

28. Modem dancing has become rather scientific and so requires            
A.  bizarre costuming
B.  some choreographic skill
C.  immense instrumentation
D.  a rapping voice

29. Had he considered his public image carefully, he ____ for his opponent in the election.
A.  might have stood aside
B.  would have stepped aside
C.  should have stepped down
D.  would have stood down

30. The Government which          recruiting              workers suddenly stopped doing so.
A.  are / its
B.  was / its
C.  is / their
D.  were / their

InstructionsIn each of Questions 31 to 35, select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence.         

31. The class has fallen in with the teacher's plan.
A.  The class has accepted the plans
B.  The class has ignored the plans
C.  The class has modified the plans
D.  The class has rejected the plans

32. I owe you far less than you owe me.
A.  I owe you something, but you owe me much more.
B.  Your debt is not much greater than mine.
C.  What we owe each other is approximately the same.
D.  My debt to you is greater than yours.

33. He had hardly spoken when the bell rang.
A.  He found it difficult to speak, and then the bell rang.
B.  The bell rang very soon after he spoke.
C.  When the bell rang, he was still speaking.
D.  He spoke in a harsh manner and the bell rang.

34. Ogiri takes after his father; he fawns upon anyone with influence.
A.  Ogiri, who looks like his father, follows rich and influential people about.
B.  Ogiri, who always follows his father, tries to act like an influential man.
C.  Like his father, Ogiri hates influential people.
D.  Like his father, Ogiri likes to flatter people with influence in society.

35. After the war, the victors became increasingly vindictive
A.  Repressive measures were taken against those who lost the war
B.  Those who won the war became treacherous
C. Vengeful attacks were incessantly carried out on those who lost the war
D.  Friendly measures were taken to heal the wounds

InstructionsChoose the correct word or phrase to complete the sentences. Each question has only one correct answer.

36. My mother let me ___late when I was a child.
A.  to stay out
B.  stayed out
C.  stay out
D.  staying out

37. She _____ lunch by the 0 me we arrived.
A.  had finished
B.  finished
C.  have finished
D.  finishing

38. Chocolate            in Accra, Ghana for many years now.
A   have been making
B.  have been made
C.  have Made
D.  are made 

39. It is         an easy exam. Make sure to study hard.
A.  under no means
B.  over no means
C.  through no means
D.  by no means

40. The university lecturers have been demanding a big        .
A.  rise
B.  raise
C.  rice
D.  race


1.   D
2.   B
3.   D
4.   D
5.   C
6.   B
7.   A
8.   B
9.   D
10. D
11. C
12. B
13. D
14. C
15. D
16. A
17. A
18. B
19. A
20. A
21. A
22. D
23. A
24. D
25. C
26. D
27. B
28. B
29. B
30. B
31. A
32. A
33. B
34. D
35. C
36. C
37. A
38. B
39. D
40. B

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