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NDA 2016 Economics Past Questions

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NDA Past Questions On Economics 2016

NDA Past Questions On Economics 2016

1. One of the following classical economists propounded the theory of population.
A. Keynes Ricardo.
B. Adams Smith.
C. Alfred Marshall
D. Thomas Robert Malthus

2. In a free market economy, wage is determined by mostly
A. the trade union
B. the interplay of demand and supply
C. the government
D. none of the above

3. If the marginal propensity to consume is 0.80 and the investment expenditure changes from N100 million to ₦140 million in a given economy, find the level of equilibrium in the given economy,
using the formula:
nda past questions on economics 2016

where (K = multiplier, MPC = Marginal Propensity to Consume)
A. ₦20 million
B. ₦40 million
C. ₦28 million
D. ₦200 million

4. The population of a country X in 1990 was 35 million. The births were 450,000 while it recorded 210,000 deaths. If in the same year, its immigrants were 20,000 and 10,000 of its citizens left the country, calculate the total population of the country at the end of 1990.
A. 24,250,000
B. 25,350,000
C. 34,750,000
D. 35,250,000

From the diagram below, a shift in the demand curve from D0D0 to D1D1 impliesNDA Past Questions On Economics 2016

A. a rise in the demand for the commodity
B. a fluctuation in the demand for the commodity
C. a fall in the demand for the commodity
D. an equilibrium in the demand for the commodity

                                 Use the table below to answer Question 6.
NDA Past Questions On Economics 2016

6. Given an output of 3 units, the average revenue is
A. ₦16,000
B. ₦18,000
C. ₦20,000
D. ₦24,000

7. The diagram below represents a production function. At which of the point does diminishing return sets in?
NDA Past Questions On Economics 2016
A. I
B. J
C. K
D. L

8. At equilibrium, one of the distinctive features of monopoly compared with perfect competition is that in the former
A. price is always equal to marginal cost
B. supply is always equal to the demand
C. price is always higher than marginal cost
D. there are always many buyers and many sellers

9. The national income of a country indicates that the Gross National Income was N17,700 million and Gross Domestic Product was N16,800. The difference of N900 million represents
A. debts repayment
B. investment abroad
C. net income from abroad
D. capital consumption

10. The cross elasticity of supply is expressed as

NDA Past Questions On Economics 2016

Use the diagram below to answer question 11. The diagram explains the effects of government imposition of indirect tax on a good characterized by zero price elasticity of demand

NDA Past Questions On Economics 2016

11. A total tax revenue is represented by
B. P0HQ00
C. P1EQ00
D. P1ED1P0

12. What is the term used to describe a policy aimed at promoting the local production of goods which are usually imported?
A. Deregulation
B. Import sustainability
C. Traffic reduction
D. Backward integration

13. If a consumer plans to spend 120k on four oranges but spent 80k, his consumer surplus is
A. ₦1.50
B. ₦0.40
C. ₦1.00
D. ₦2.00

NDA Past Questions On Economics 2016

In the diagram above, the price P2, in the price control situation is referred to as
A. maximum price
B. markup price
C. minimum price
D. mark-down price Liquidation of a limited liability company implies that

15. Liquidation of a limited liability company implies that
A. company may not pay its debts
B. debts of the company can only be paid from its own assets
C. debts of the company are paid from both business and private funds of the owners
D.  debts of the company must be paid from public funds only

16. An increase in government expenditure will lead to
A. investment opportunities for foreign investors
B. an increase in the level of aggregate demand
C. an increase in total tax revenue
D. reduction in total tax revenue

17. If a country has a balance of payment surplus on current account, this means that
A. the total visible export is greater than invisible import
B. the value of goods exported must be greater than the value of goods imported
C. there must be a positive balance on capital account
D. the aggregate of the balance of trade and the invisible balance must be positive

18. The utility is best measured by the application of
A. Demand curve analysis
B. Supply curve analysis
C. Indifference curve analysis
D. Marginal cost curve analysis

19. The equilibrium market price is determined at a point where
A. Both are supplied and demanded are equal
B. The price is moderate
C. Sellers can sell all their commodities
D. Consumers can buy all they desire

20. Crude petroleum is a good example of a
A. lasting asset
B. wasting asset
C. synthetic product
D. costless resources

21. Full equilibrium requires that
A. MR = MC
B. TR = TC
C. MC = MR and AC = AR
D. MR = MC and AR = AC

22. To privatize an enterprise means
A. all foreigners are to take control of the business
B. transfer ownership and control of the business to the private sector
C. transfer ownership and control of the private sector
D. indigenization of the enterprise

23. The indigenization decree in Nigeria was promulgated in order to
A. allow indigenes to have full participation in the economic activities of the country
B. drive away foreigners
C. give equal chances to indigenes and foreigners in making economic decisions country
D. give industrial training to indigenes

24. Resources are scarce in relation to_______
A. choice
B. the demand for them
C. limited wants
D. their scale of preference

25. The principal national macro-economic goals include the following
A. national goods and priorities
B. full employment of the nation's productive inputs
C. acceptable levels of economic growth
D. maximum levels of economic stability

26. The greatest disadvantage of the barter system is the need for
A. durability
B. divisibility
C. homogeneity
D. double coincidence of wants

27. Two commodities are considered to be perfect substitutes for each other if the elasticity of substitution is
A. infinite
B. positive
C. negative
D. zero

28. The maintenance of an adequate level of work-in-progress, raw materials and stocks of finished goods is:
A. managerial satisfaction
B. shareholders satisfaction objective
C. profit objective
D. stock objectives

29. Business does not exist in a vacuum; it affects and is affected by
A. social, legal. economic and political frameworks
B. macro-economy and philanthropic organizations
C. multi-national corporations
D. climate change

Consider the table below and answer the question that followsNDA Past Questions On Economics 2016

The table above illustrates the law of
A. increasing productivity
B. diminishing marginal productivity
C. diminishing marginal utility
D. increasing returns

31. Aggregate demand is composed of_______
A. Consumption
B. Savings
C. Consumption and investment
D. Consumption, investment and government expenditures

Study the diagram below and answer Questions 32 and 33.NDA Past Questions On Economics 2016

32. In the diagram above, the equilibrium price is
A. OQ0
B. OQ2
C. P0P2
D. OP0

33. At price OP2,
A. demand exceeds supply
B. supply exceeds demand
C. demand equals supply
D. OQ2 is the quantity demanded

34. The diagram below illustrates:
NDA Past Questions On Economics 2016

A. perfectly elastic demand
B. inelastic demand
C. perfectly inelastic demand
D. elastic demand

35. In the diagram below. the line labelled PM is the marginal revenue curve of aNDA Past Questions On Economics 2016
A. Monopoly.
B. Competitive firm
C. Monopsony
D. Oligopoly

36. Decreasing returns to scale implies that if all factors of production are doubled, output will be
A. more than doubled
B. less than doubled
C. doubled
D. none of the above

37. Which of the following market structures are imperfect in competition?
I. monopoly II. duopoly III. oligopoly
A. I only
B. I and II only
C. I and III only
D. I, II and III

38. For two commodities A and B, MA and MB are the respective marginal utilities while PA and PB are the respective prices. Marginal utilities of the two commodities are maximized whenNDA Past Questions On Economics 2016

39. The elasticity of supply of perishable goods is
A. zero
B. elastic
C. inelastic
D. unitary

40. Which one of the following is not an example of economic efficiency?
A. Productive efficiency
B. Resource efficiency
C. Technical efficiency
D. Programmed efficiency


1.   D
2.   B
3.   D
4.   D
5.   A
6.   B
7.   C
8.   C
9.   C
10. D
11. A
12. B
13. B
14. A
15. B
16. B
17. B
18. C
19. A
20. C
21. D
22. B
23. A
24. B
25. B
26. D
27. D
28. A
29. A
30. C
31. D
32. D
33. A
34. D
35. A
36. B
37. D
38. A
39. B
40. D

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