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NDA Past Questions On Geography 2015

1. Nigeria's location lies between?
 A. 7° — 10°N, 3° — 17°E
 B. 4° — 14°N, 3° — 15°E
 C. 8° — 14°N, 5°— 10°E
 D. 5° — 14°N, 3°— 11°E

2. Nigeria shares borders with the following countries?
 A. Benin Republic, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Chad
 B. Togo, Benin Republic, Niger, Chad
 C. Gulf of Guinea, Cameroon, E. Guinea, Chad
 D. Niger Republic, Cameroon, Chad, Benin Republic

3. Sao Paulo is a city in?
 A. Columbia
 B. Mexico
 C. Ecuador
 D. Brazil

4. Chaparral is a type of vegetation in the New World. Its counterpart in the old world is?
A. Cork oak
B. Acacia
C. Marquis
D. Flax

5. Which of the following is the best description of climate?
A. The average condition of rainfall, wind, sunshine, temperature. humidity and cloudiness over a period of 35 years.
B. General atmospheric conditions
C. The average condition of temperature and rainfall
D. The pattern of rainfall for a number of years.

 Use the map above to answer questions 6 — 10

 6. Give the most appropriate name for the feature "P".
 A. col
 B. plateau
 C. Valley
 D. spur

 7. What is the angular bearing of settlement "Dor" from settlement "Can"?
 A. 40°
 B. 45°
 C. 300°
 D. 320°

 8. Estimate the height of the trigonometry station on the map.
 A. 315 metres
 B. 320 metres
 C. 325 metres
 D. 345 metres

 9. What is the most likely cause for the paucity, of surface streams on the eastern half of the area?
 A. No rainfall
 B. Regular topography
 C. Flat terrain
 D. Nature of the rocks

10. The scarcity of settlements on the eastern half of the area is probably due to
 A. Absence of roads
 B. The scarcity of surface water
 C. Rough topography
 D. Insect Pests.

11. A map with a scale of 1:40,000 is reduced to one-quarter of its size, what is the scale of the reduced map?
 A. 1:10,000
 B. 1:50,000
 C. 1:160,000
 D. 1:200,000
NDA Past Questions On Geography 2015

12. When is the earth relative to the sun in the position shown in Figure 2?
 A. December
 B. March
 C. June
 D. September

13. Which of the following phenomena is not directly related to the revolution of the earth?
 A. seasonal changes
 B. varying duration of sunshine hours
 C. unequal solar radiation on the earth's surface
 D. night and day

14. Inter-regional trade among countries in West-Africa is promoted mainly by?
 A. Relationship with former colonial rulers
 B. Production of similar goods
 C. Deliberate Governmental policies in recent times
 D. Competition among the nations in Africa.

15. Which of the following zones is the least industrialized in Nigeria?
 A. Lagos-Ikeja
 B. Kaduna-Zaria
 C. Lokoja-Ajaokuta
 D. Port-Harcourt - Aba

16. The processes of weathering include all but one of the following
 A. alternate heating and cooling of rocks
 B. rock-breaking due to frost action
 C. rock rotting because of chemical changes
 D. movement of rock particles downslope

17. The Qattara Depression in Egypt is the product of?
 A. wind deflation
 B. glacial gonging
 C. volcanic activity
 D. down-warping

18. Which of the following is NOT a waterway in Africa?
 A. the orange
 B. the Mackenzie
 C. the votla
 D. the Zambezi

19. Which minerals are found in the Abeokuta area of Southern Nigeria?
 A. tin and columbite
 B. iron and Zinc
 C. lead and Zinc
 D. salt and phosphate

20. All the following can be found in the upper course of a river except?
 A. potholes
 B. cataracts
 C. Levees
 D. gorges

21. Seasons are recognized within the tropics primarily on the basis of
 A. air masses
 B. temperature
 C. rainfall
 D. evaporation

22. The major areas of mixed farming in the world are also areas of?
 A. sparse population with low arable crop productions.
 B. dense population with a high percentage of farmers
 C. dense population and a large number of urban centres
 D. sparse population and dispersed rural settlements.

23. The highest landforms in Nigeria are developed on?
 A. sandstone
 B. granites
 C. basalts
 D. shales

24. The main hydrological centre in Nigeria is the
 A. Jos Plateau
 B. Western uplands
 C. Biu plateau
 D. Eastern highland

25. Which of the following best explains Lagos?
 A. Its infrastructural facilities
 B. Its early contact with the outside world
 C. Being the former seat of the government
 D. Its extensive land for development

26. The most common tree in the desert is the
 A. palm
 B. acacia
 C. pine
 D. larch

27. The most obvious physical feature that distinguishes undisturbed mature soil from an immature soil is the
 A. humus content
 B. layered profile
 C. nutrient status
 D. topsoil texture

28. The direction of the flow of ocean currents is determined mainly by the
 A. rotation of the earth and land and sea breezes
 B. shape of the continents and the temperature of the continental interior
 C. prevailing winds and the rotation of the earth
 D. depth of the ocean and the amount of freshwater inflow

29. The medium class of a layered cloud which brings continuous rain, snow or sleet is?
 A. altocumulus
 B. altostratus
 C. stratocumulus
 D. nimbostratus

30. The biodiversity of an ecosystem may be reduced through?
 A. extinction of plant species
 B. removal of a single animal
 C. introduction of a new plant
 D. trapping of a single fish.

Study the table below which shows the mean climatic conditions of station Q, and answer questions 31 and 32.
NDA Past Questions On Geography 2015

T= Temperature P = Precipitation 

31. The annual temperature range at the station is
 A. 10°C
 B. 20°C
 C. 30°C
 D. 40°C

32. This station belongs to which type of climate?
 A. Mediterranean
 B. cold temperate
 C. cool temperate
 D. warm temperate

33. The tropical rainforest differs in structure from the savannah in that
 A. both never occur in the same continent
 B. the savannah is a natural vegetation while the rainforest is a derived one
 C. the savannah grows in layers while the rainforest does not
 D. the savannah has less species diversity than the rainforest

 34. The main source of tropical hardwood for timber is the
 A. montane forest
 B. mangrove forest
 C. rainforest
 D. coniferous forest.

 35. One of the problems of soil management in a humid area is?
 A. leaching of minerals
 B. waterlogging
 C. lack of oxygen in the soil
 D. alkalinity

 36. Magma, while thrusting its way up to the surface, may cool and solidify within the crust as
 A. Plutonic rocks
 B. Sedimentary rock
 C. Clay soil
 D. None of the above

 37. The Nigerian towns which owed much of their growth in the 20th century to the development of the railway include
 A. Oshogbo, Minna, Owerri and Jos
 B. Lagos, Minna, Nnewi and Gusau
 C. Enugu, Jos, Kaduna and Minna
 D. Lagos, Lokoja, Gusau and Umuahia

38. Which of the following industries is likely to be located at or near the source of its major raw materials?
 A. Breweries
 B. Aluminium Smelting
 C. Textile
 D. Cement manufacturing

39. A manufacturing industry would tend to be market-oriented if the
 A. finished products lose weight in the process of production
 B. industry requires a large pool of labour
 C. industry requires regular power supply
 D. finished products are highly perishable

40. Which of the following represents the cheapest mode of transportation?
 A. water
 B. air
 C. rail
 D. road


1.   B
2.   D
3.   D
4.   A
5.   A
6.   A
7.   D
8.   D
9.   A
10. A
11. C
12. B
13. B
14. D
15. C
16. D
17. C
18. B
19. D
20. C
21. C
22. C
23. C
24. A
25. B
26. A
27. D
28. B
29. A
30. A
31. C
32. B
33. D
34. C
35. A
36. A
37. C
38. D
39. D
40. C

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