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Anglo American Coal Bursaries 2023/2024 | Anglo American Coal Bursary Online Application

Anglo American Coal Bursaries 2023/2024 | Anglo American Coal Bursary Online Application and how to Apply
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Anglo American Coal Bursary Online Application

According to Wikipedia, a bursary is a monetary award made by an institution to individuals or groups of people who cannot afford to pay full fees. In return for the bursary, the individual is usually obligated to be employed at the institution for the duration of the bursary.

Having totally told you what a bursary is about, it's high time we quickly take a look at the topic of today “Anglo American Coal Bursaries  | Anglo American Coal Bursary Online Application ”.

In this guide, you shall get all the information relating to the bursary and how to go about the application, especially the application deadline.

Anglo American Coal Bursaries | Anglo American Coal Bursary Online Application

Anglo Coal is a division of the Anglo American Platinum Mine. They are expanding to meet the market demands each year, thus, they provide bursaries for exceptional candidates who are in need of aid.  They place a high mark of status on development, as well as training of their staff.  Anglo is also constantly introducing modern technology to its operations as it comes available.

The Anglo Coal bursary scheme is developed to give an equal opportunity, to high-caliber students, an entry point into Anglo.  These individuals will not only gain an academic qualification, but moreover, also be able to launch a successful career with Anglo, and in the mining industry.

This bursary offer from Anglo Coal is one of the most comprehensive within South Africa.  Anglo Coal Bursaries in this scheme also provide the successful candidates with medical cover, over and above the computer allowance it includes.  Candidates will also receive a permanent position within Anglo Platinum after completion of their studies.

Anglo Platinum offers students a life-changing prospect.  Are you ready to enter the world with Anglo Platinum Limited?  You can have a fulfilling career path across all of Southern Africa, or even join the Anglo-American Global Group!

Anglo Coal Bursaries Available

The following directions are available for these bursaries:

  • Mining – Mining Engineering
  • Rock – Rock Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Metallurgy – Metallurgy Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Environment
  • Geology
  • Industrial
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Electrical Engineering

Candidates should also note that there is only a practical route, for those interested in studying for a Ventilation Engineer.  This is due to the fact that there is currently no tertiary institution, which offers this specific degree or diploma.

Candidates applying for Rock Engineer should know, that they will be studying Mining Engineer or Geology prior to going the specialized route of Rock Engineer.

Anglo Coal Bursaries for Graduates 

Are you a graduate and would like to further hone your skills?

Well, the Anglo Graduate Training Program may be what you are looking for!

They cover commerce, technology, engineering, natural science and more.

This program varies from country to country, as Anglo has establishments all over the world.

If you would like to know more about this program, visit their Group Website!

Here you can find more detail on their offers and the specifics, globally!

Anglo Coal Bursary Requirements

If you are considering an application with Anglo, candidates must adhere to and submit proof of the following:

  • Grade 12 level of education or currently studying at a South African Institute of Higher Learning
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Science
  • Discipline
  • Possess a South African ID
  • Live within South Africa
  • Show a willingness to learn

For candidates taking the University or the University of Technology Route, Anglo may present an opportunity to receive up to 4 years of prior training, under a Professional Practitioner.  During this period, candidates will receive a training allowance.  It offers candidates the chance to confirm their career options, before embarking on long-term studies.  They will also gain working experience along with tertiary study before full-time studying.

This is called the Exposure Year and is highly recommended to all applicants.    Anglo Platinum believes this will give candidates the required knowledge to firmly complete their studies.  Once completed and candidates take on full-time study, Anglo also offers a post-degree training program.

This program provides experience, confidence, and skills in addition to great knowledge.  Candidates are thus prepared to enter more senior positions, plus take on more responsibility within the company.

Candidates who successfully receive bursaries are expected to work with Anglo Platinum, for the same amount of time as was their bursary term.

Anglo American Coal (Online) Bursary Application Form

Once their bursary program opens, candidates can find more information on their Website and online applications become available. Yet, interested candidates will have to be registered on their website. Please include your letter of career interest, testimonials, complete application, latest school results and a certified copy of your ID.

For more information candidates can contact, [email protected] or have a look at the Anglo-American Website.

Anglo Coal Bursary Closing Date

Applications for these bursaries usually close at the end of July/August each year, and are for a bursary for the following year!

Final decisions will be made during the month of October, of the same year that the candidate has applied.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “Anglo American Coal Bursaries  | Anglo American Coal Bursary Online Application “.

We hope you found our article helpful; if so, don't hesitate to share it with others using the share buttons below.

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