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UNIBEN Resumption Date for 2022/2023 Session

The administration of University of Benin, UNIBEN has announced the resumption of academic activities. See full details below
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UNIBEN Resumption Date - The University of Benin Senate amended the institution's 2020/2021 academic calendar and approved Sunday, 2nd July 2023, as the date for students to return to residence halls.

UNIBEN Resumption Date

Revised Resumption Date for New Students

In a bid to optimize the educational experience for incoming students, our institution has revised the resumption date. Originally slated for Saturday, 3rd June, the new date for new students to commence their academic journey is now Sunday, 2nd July 2023. This extension of one month has been strategically implemented to ensure that the institution is fully equipped to accommodate the influx of fresh minds and facilitate a seamless transition into the academic environment.

Enhancing Student Welfare Through Preparation

The decision to reschedule the resumption date has been taken with the utmost consideration for the welfare of our students. By providing ample time for preparations, the university aims to establish the necessary infrastructure and logistics required for a smooth and successful start to the academic session. This proactive approach guarantees that all essential facilities and resources will be in place, ensuring an optimal learning environment for our new students.

Resumption Date for Returning Students

While the resumption date for new students has been adjusted, it is important to note that the date for returning students remains unchanged. The university eagerly awaits the arrival of our esteemed returning students, who are expected to return to campus on the 10th of June, 2023. The commencement of lectures for these students is scheduled for the 13th of June, 2023. It is crucial for returning students to take note of these dates and make appropriate arrangements to ensure a timely resumption of their academic activities.

Online Registration Process for Newly Admitted Students

In addition to the resumption date revision, the university has introduced a mandatory online registration process for all newly admitted students. This directive has been put in place to streamline the administrative procedures and enhance the overall efficiency of the academic institution.

Importance of Online Registration

Completing the online registration process before the revised resumption date is of utmost importance for newly admitted students. By adhering to this requirement, students enable the university to adequately plan for their arrival and ensure the smooth commencement of their academic journey. The online registration process serves as a crucial step in the preparation for their educational endeavour.

Planning Ahead for Academic Activities

New students are strongly advised to promptly complete their online registration to avoid any potential disruptions. By doing so, they contribute to the seamless organization of academic activities upon their arrival. This proactive measure empowers the university to allocate the necessary resources, allocate accommodation, and provide comprehensive support to new students during their transition into the academic community.

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