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NDA 2015 History Past Questions and Answers

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 NDA 2015 History Past Questions and Answers

1. The 'Court of Art' refers to the?
A. Mysterious Ogunjokoro of the old Oyo
B. Ethnographic Museum of Benin
C. Bayajjida Legend
D. Oduduwa legend

2. Nok culture began in communities in?
A. South Africa
B. Ancient Egypt
C. Nigeria
D. Ancient Nubian civilization

3. The Nok civilization is dated back to?
A. 300BC
B. 1000BC
C. 500BC
D. 10,000BC

4. The terracotta figurines are associated with?
A. Nok culture
B. Benin artworks
C. Ife artworks
D. Imo Eleru

5. The main source of information about intergroup relations in the forest belts of Africa between 1500 and 1800 were the ___?
A. Christian missionaries
B. Muslim clerics
C. Fulani herdsmen
D. Bambara of Segu

6. The most legendary fighter against colonial imperialism was?
A. King Dosumu of Lagos
B. Samori Toure of Mandinka
C. Basorun Ga of Oyo
D. King Behanzin of Dahomey

7. The greatest influence on Uthman dan Fodio was ___?
A. Shaikh Jibril Umar
B. King Nafata
C. King Yunfa
D. Muhammad Bello

8. The 1914 amalgamation of southern and northern territories was aimed at?
A. Creating an enlarged and dynamic Nigeria
B. Satisfying Lugard's yearning for power
C. Consolidating Britain's economic and political gains
D. Laying the foundation of Nigerian Civil it War

9. Midwest region was created in?
A. 1963
B. 1962
C. 1961
D. 1960

10. The president of Nigeria in the first republic was___.?
A. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe
B. Alhaji Tafawa Balewa
C. Alhaji Ahmadu Bello
D. Chief Obafemi Awolowo

11. The first Military Head of State was?
A. Major General Yakubu Gowon
B. Major General Aguiyi-Ironsi
C. Major General Murtala Mohammed
D. Major General Olusegun Obasanjo

12. The first military coup in Nigeria took place in ____.
A. January 1966
B. January 1967
C. January 1968
D. January 1970

13. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) was founded in?
A. 1975
B. 1976
C. 1977
D. 1978

14. The use of fire began in the?
A. Acheulian culture
B. Sangoan culture
C. Lupemban culture
D. Nok culture

15. Climatic factor played an important role in the pattern of ___
A. farming
B. trading
C. religion
D. none of the above

16. By the 17th century, the leading centre of trade and Islamic learning in Hausa land was ___
A. Daura
B. Gombe
C. Bauchi
D. Katsina

17. Oyo Mesi, the kingmakers in the Oyo empire consisted of?
A. 10 councellors
B. 12 councellors
C. 7 councellors
D. 5 councellors

18. The first Fulani hostilities in l3ornu against Sokoto Caliphate began in ____.
A. Gazargamu
B. Damaturu
C. Hadejia
D. Adamawa

19. Despite the collapse of the Oyo Empire, a new Oyo Kingdom was created by?
A. Abeokuta
B. Ekiti
C. ljebu
D. Ibadan

20 The second phase imposition of British rule in Eastern provinces began with ____.
A. Macpherson
B. Macdonald
C. Lugard
D. Richard

21. The first female senator in Nigeria was?
A. Franca Afegbua
13. Ita Giwa
C. Laila Dogonyaro
D. lyabo Bello-Obasanjo

22. The main opposition party in the second republic was ____.

23. The terracotta figurines of Nok were replicated in iron smelting sites of?
A. Egypt
B. Taruga
C. Meroe
D. Carthage

24. Ife artworks were made of ____.
A. Brass
B. Iron
C. Wood
D. Plastic

25. Jukun power in the 16th century extended
A. Idoma and Ebira
B. Igala and Birom
C. Ebira and Ijebu
D. Nupe and Ilorin

26. The founder of the prominent trading town of Opobo was?
A. Mungo Park
B. Nana of Itsekiri
C. Jaja
D. Oko Jumbo

27. In 1886, the various European trading firms on the Niger combined to form the?
A. Royal Niger Company
B. British trading company
C. European trading company
D. Niger Delta trading company

28. Aro traders controlled the markets of ____
A. Onitsha and Asaha
B. Bonny and Calabar
C. Bende and Uzuakoli
D. Benin and Enugu

29. The 1894 conflict between the British and Nana of Itshekiri resulted in?
A. Benin massacre
B. Warri invasion
C. Ebrohimi expedition
D. Trade treaties

30. Oba of Lagos who ceded power to the British in 1861 was?
A. Olomu
B. Akintoye
C. Kosoko
D. Akenzua

31. The Nupe forces maintained superiority over the allied forces of Ijumu, Akoko and
Iyagba until the intervention in 1897 of?
A. Oyo forces
B. Royal Niger company constabulary
C. Benin army
D. Sokoto forces

32. The biggest security challenge in Nigeria today is?
A. fuel shortage
B. kidnapping
C. Boko Haram insurgency
D. armed robbery

33. During the Atlantic slave trade, Elmina was ___
A. An important military centre
B. Salt making centre
C. An important trading centre
D. A centre for Islamic learning

34. The emergence of the Igbo society prior to the 19th century was facilitated by?
A. internal squabbles
B. the dips society
C. a diversified economy based on agriculture, hunting and long-distance trade
D. the Bassa invasion

35. Tsoede was the putative founder of?
A. Idoma kingdom
B. Igalla kingdom
C. Nupe kingdom
D. Jukun empire

36. The Almoravid Movement played a role in the fall of?
A. Mossi kingdom
B. Mali empire
C. ancient Ghana
D. Songhai empire

37. Portuguese missionaries accompanied Oba Esigie of Benin to
A. Idah war 1515-1516
B. Pay homage to the Emir of Kano
C. Withdraw Benin forces from Lagos
D. Subdue Asaba

38. The conquest of part of Bonlu Empire by the Sokoto Jihadists led to the establishment
of the emirate of?
A. Katagum
B. Zauzzau
C. Kanem
D. Adamawa

39. The Justice Oputa Panel in Nigeria was to address cases of ___.
A. Human right abuses
B. Corruption in the public service
C. Assassinations
D. Abuse of office

40. The 12-state structure in Nigeria was created by?
A. Tafawa Balewa
B. Yukubu Gowon
C. Murtala Mohammed
D. Ibrahim Babangida


1. B
2. C
3. A
4. A
5. A
6. B
7. A
8. C
9. A
10. A
11. B
12. A
13. A
14. B
15. A
16. D
17. A
18. C
19. D
20. B
21. A
22. A
23. B
24. A
25. A
26. C
27. A
28. C
29. C
30. B
31. B
32. C
33. C
34. C
35. C
36. D
37. A
38. A
39. A
40. B

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