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BUPOLY Academic Calendar 2022/2023

BUPOLY's academic calendar outlines key dates and events, including registration, matriculation, C.A's, semester breaks & exams, for a successful acad
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BUPOLY Academic Calendar - Binyaminu Usman Polytechnic (BUPOLY) in Hadejia, Jigawa State, has announced its academic calendar for the 2022/2023 academic session, including key dates and events for both the first and second semesters. Students are asked to take note of these dates and plan accordingly.

BUPOLY Academic Calendar

BUPOLY First Semester Academic Calendar:

  • Registration Period: May 2nd – May 15th, 2023 (2 weeks) Students are required to complete their registration within the two-week period.
  • Semester Lecture Period: May 15th – July 21st, 2023 (10 weeks) Regular lectures will take place during this time, covering the course materials for the semester.
  • Matriculation/Orientation: May 29th – June 2nd, 2023 (1 week) New students will participate in matriculation and orientation activities, introducing them to the BUPOLY community.
  • Mid-Semester Continuous Assessment: June 12th – June 16th, 2023 (1 week) Students will undergo a week of continuous assessment to evaluate their progress in the semester.
  • End of Semester Continuous Assessment: July 3rd – July 7th, 2023 (1 week) A final week of continuous assessment will take place before the semester examinations.
  • First Semester Examination: July 24th – August 5th, 2023 (2 weeks) Students will sit for their final exams during this two-week period.
  • First Semester Break: August 7th – August 19th, 2023 (2 weeks) Students will enjoy a two-week break before the commencement of the second semester.

BUPOLY Second Semester Academic Calendar:

  • Semester Lecture Period: August 21st – October 27th, 2023 (10 weeks) The second semester lecture period will cover additional course materials.
  • Mid-Semester Continuous Assessment: September 16th – September 21st, 2023 (1 week) Another week of continuous assessment will take place midway through the second semester.
  • End of Semester Continuous Assessment: October 9th – October 14th, 2023 (1 week) A final continuous assessment period will occur before the second semester examinations.
  • Second Semester Examination: October 30th – November 11th, 2023 (2 weeks) Students will complete their academic year with final exams during this two-week period.
  • Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES): November 13th, 2023 – January 15th, 2024 (10 weeks) Eligible students will participate in a ten-week industrial work experience program to gain practical skills and experience in their respective fields.

The BUPOLY academic calendar offers students with a set plan to follow, providing a smooth and successful academic year.

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