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Nile University Scholarships & Discounts 2023/2024 | Apply Now

Nile University of Nigeria announces scholarship and discount program for 2023/2024 academic session. See how to apply and secure a scholarship below
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Nile University Scholarships & Discounts - The Nile University of Nigeria ("NILE") is excited to announce its scholarship and discount program for the upcoming 2023/2024 academic session. As a leading educational institution, NILE is dedicated to providing excellent learning opportunities to deserving students. In line with this commitment, prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students can now avail themselves of scholarships based on their JAMB or O-LEVEL (WAEC/NECO) results, as highlighted by the NILE Board of Trustees.

Nile University Scholarships & Discounts

Nile University Scholarship Criteria

JAMB Score-Based Scholarships

For students applying for JAMB score-based scholarships, NILE offers the following discounts:

  • JAMB score of 240: 10% discount
  • JAMB score of 260: 20% discount
  • JAMB score of 280: 30% discount
  • JAMB score of 300: 40% discount

WAEC Score-Based Scholarships

Students can also benefit from WAEC score-based scholarships, with the following discounts available:

  • 5A1: 10% discount
  • 6A1: 20% discount
  • 7A1: 30% discount

Please note that these discounts are applicable to all undergraduate programs except Law and Medicine.

It's important to mention that students with a JAMB score of 320 and above, accompanied by 5 A1s in their O-LEVEL results, will be granted a prestigious 100% scholarship.

A-Level Results-Based Scholarships

NILE University of Nigeria recognizes the achievements of A-Level students and offers the following scholarships:

  • 3 A's: 25% scholarship for NILE SPS, 20% for other programs
  • 2 A's: 15% scholarship for NILE SPS, 10% for other programs

Scholarships for Postgraduate Programs 

NILE University acknowledges the academic excellence of its undergraduate, graduates and extends the following scholarships for their Master's (or PGD) programs:

  • First-class graduates: 50% scholarship
  • Other degree classifications: 20% scholarship

Additionally, postgraduate alumni of NILE returning for another postgraduate degree are eligible for a 20% scholarship.

Sports Scholarships

Exceptional athletes who have excelled at the national or professional level can avail themselves of a remarkable opportunity. If they represent NILE in their respective sports and receive approval from the NILE Board of Trustees, they will be granted a 100% scholarship for their undergraduate studies.

Guidelines on Scholarships

To ensure fair and transparent scholarship distribution, NILE University has established the following guidelines:

  • Undergraduate applicants can choose to apply for scholarships based on either their JAMB or O-LEVEL results.
  • Recipients of undergraduate scholarships must maintain a minimum average CGPA of 3.50 to retain their scholarships for each new academic session.
  • Scholarship recipients are expected to exhibit good behavior and comply with NILE's regulations.
  • Scholarships are limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, according to quotas determined by the Management of NILE.
  • NILE reserves the right to withdraw any scholarship if deemed necessary.


In addition to scholarships, NILE University offers discounts for families with multiple children enrolled in NILE and institutions or bodies sponsoring students for NILE's postgraduate programs.

Sibling Discount

  • Two children: 5% discount
  • Three children: 10% discount
  • Four children: 15% discount
  • Five children and above: 20% discount

Institutional Discount for Postgraduate Sponsorships

  • 5 – 10 students: 10% discount
  • 10 – 20 students: 15% discount
  • 20 students and above: 20% discount

Important Notes

Here are some essential points to consider regarding the scholarship and discount program:

  • Applicants can only apply for discounts or scholarships under one criterion. The highest eligible discount or scholarship will be applied.
  • Applicants must submit their applications to be considered for discounts or scholarships. These benefits are only valid at the point of entry and cannot be applied retrospectively.
  • Discounts and scholarships do not apply to hostel fees.

This announcement presents an extraordinary opportunity for students aspiring to study at one of Nigeria's premier universities. NILE University encourages prospective students to seize this chance and submit their applications as early as possible. Unleash your potential at NILE University and embark on a transformative educational journey.

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