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Al-Hikmah University Post UTME Cut Off Mark & Departmental Cut Off Marks 2023/2024

Learn everything you need to know about Al-Hikmah University Post UTME cut off mark and departmental cut off marks for 2023/2024 academic session.
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Al-Hikmah University Post UTME Cut Off Mark & Departmental Cut Off Marks: Are you an aspirant of AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY? Have you recently taken the JAMB exam? If you've already checked your JAMB result and you're nodding your head in agreement, then this article is tailor-made for you. Let's delve into the intricacies of AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY's 2023/2024 cut off marks and pave the path towards a successful admission journey.

Al-Hikmah University Post UTME Cut Off Mark & Departmental Cut Off Marks

AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY Cut Off Marks 2023/2024

When it comes to securing your spot at AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY, understanding the cut off marks is crucial. Let's break down the key details step by step.


Following the AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY JAMB cut off mark, the AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY Post UTME cut off mark acts as the minimal score needed for candidates who have met the JAMB criteria and are participating in the university's Post UTME Screening. This score constitutes the baseline for admission consideration.

Historically, the AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY post-UTME cut off mark for the 2022/2023 admission cycle was set at 50%. This implies that candidates who scored at least 50 out of 100 in the post UTME screening were eligible for admission.

Here's a glimpse of the AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY post UTME cut-off mark from the previous admission cycle (2022/2023):

  • BNSC Nursing: 50% and Above
  • BMLS: 50% and Above
  • B. Sc Public Health -> 50% and Above
  • L.L.B Law: 50% and Above
  • B. Sc Computer Science: 50% and Above
  • B. Sc Software Engineering: 50% and Above
  • B. Sc Cyber Security: 50% and Above
  • Other Programmes: 50% and Above


Once you've cleared the JAMB hurdle, the next checkpoint is the AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY Post UTME cut off mark. This score is the baseline requirement for candidates who have already met the AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY JAMB cut off mark and are gearing up for the Post UTME screening.

In the previous 2022/2023 admission cycle, the AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY Post UTME cut off mark was set at 50%. In simpler terms, candidates who scored 50 out of 100 in the Post UTME screening were eligible for admission consideration.

AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY Departmental Cut Off Mark

To take things a step further, AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY introduces the departmental cut off mark. This mark is tailored to each department or course, outlining the final minimum score required for admission consideration.

Various factors influence these departmental cut off marks:

  1. General Performance: A blend of performance in SSCE, JAMB, and Post UTME. Exceptional performance across these platforms can push up the department's admission cut off mark. The final mark is calculated based on:

    • Weighted GPA from relevant O’level subjects (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB).
    • Average between JAMB and post UTME scores.
  2. Admission Quota: Each department has a designated admission quota set by the Nigerian University Commission (NUC). For example, if a department's quota for Medicine and Surgery is 100, they won't admit more candidates after reaching this number, regardless of their scores. Admission in such cases follows a merit hierarchy.

AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY Cut Off Marks 2023/2024

For the upcoming 2023/2024 admission cycle, AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY has released the departmental admission cut off marks. Take a look at the departmental cut off marks for various courses:

  • BNSC Nursing: 220
  • BMLS: 180
  • B. Sc Public Health: 170
  • L.L.B Law: 180
  • B. Sc Computer Science: 160
  • B. Sc Software Engineering: 150
  • B. Sc Cyber Security: 150
  • Other Programmes: 140

The Battle for AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY Admission

The journey to securing admission at AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY is no walk in the park. Why? The university's prestigious reputation attracts a flood of aspirants, transforming admission into a fierce competition.

As one of Nigeria's most sought-after Private Universities, AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY's final cut off mark remains high due to the sheer volume of students vying for limited slots. The popularity of the institution leads to a saturation of applications, ultimately making the selection process rigorous and competitive.

In a nutshell, knowing the ins and outs of AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY's cut off marks can be your ticket to success. Stay informed, stay prepared, and chase your dream of becoming a part of the AL-HIKMAH UNIVERSITY community. Your journey starts with a number, but your destination holds infinite potential.

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