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Download Up-to-date Nigerian Defence Academy geography Past Question and Answers (PDF); FREE NDA Past Questions 2018, NDA Complete Compendium
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NDA Past Questions On Geography 2018

1. A soccer match which began at 1800 hours GMT at town B on longitude 900W was telecasted live to an audience in town T on longitude 150E. The local times in towns B and T were respectively __.
A. 12 midnight and 2 p. m
B. 12 noon and 7 p. m
C. 12 midnight and 7 a.m
D. 12 noon and 7 a.m

2. Vacation in the length of day and night over the Earth’s Surface are due to the ___.
A. Thickness of the Earth’s Atmosphere
B. Length of the Earth’s Orbit
C. Earth’s inclination to the sun and its rotation
D. Earth’s inclination to the sun and its revolution

3. Which of the following lines of latitude divides the Earth into two hemispheres?
A. Tropic of Capricorn
B. Equator
C. Tropic of Cancer
D. Antarctic Circle

4. The equatorial circumference of the Earth is ____.
A. 40,084 km
B. 60,084 km
C. 20,084 km
D. 30,084 km

5. On which of the following pairs of dates is the length of day and night equal on the Earth’s Surface?
A. June 21st and September 21st
B. June 21st and December 22nd
C. March 22nd and December 22nd
D. March 22nd and September 21st

6. A mercury barometer is used for measuring ____.
A. Rainfall
B. Cloud
C. Atmospheric pressure
D. Faulting

7. Which of the following pairs are desert landform?
A. Wave-cut platforms and Self dune
B. Sandbars and Sand spits
C. Yardangs and Zeugens
D. Barcans and Tombolos
8. A period of 24 hours of rain with amount got not below 0.2 mm is called ___.
A. Rain time
B. Rain period
C. Rainy day
D. Monsoon

9. Rocks which have been formed as a result of cooling and solidification of molten magma are called ___.
A. Metamorphic rocks
B. Igneous rocks
C. Sedimentary rocks
D. Conglomerates

10. The major terrestrial ecosystem are often referred to as ____.
A. Biomess
B. Grass lands
C. Boreal forest
D. Biomass

11. Land satellite collects data by using ___.
A. Light waves
B. Sonar
C. Sound waves
D. Echolation

12. Nigeria’s second seaport in terms of tonnage of goods handled is ___.
A. Bonny
B. Warri
C. Calabar
D. Port-Harcourt

13. Which of the following Geo-political Zones has the highest population density in Nigeria?
A. South-East
B. North-East
C. North-Central
D. South-West

14. The highest land in Nigeria is found on the __.
A. Western Highlands
B. North Central Plateau
C. Mambila Plateau
D. Oban Hills

15. Which of the following gives the best description of Lagos?
I. Cosmopolitan City
II. Cultural City
III. Industrial City
IV. Mining City
II and IV only
I and IV only
I and II only
I and III only

16. A river loses energy and may deposit some of its load if __.
A. It becomes narrow and deep
B. Its gradient decreases
C. Its discharge increases
D. Its bed and banks become smoother

17. Which of the following is “NOT” a resource of the atmosphere?
A. Bacteria energy
B. Biomass energy
C. Solar energy
D. Wind energy

18. One of the following is not associated with glaciated highland?
A. Corrie
B. Pyramid peak
C. Arete
D. Crag and tail

19. A linear settlement is most likely to develop a ___.
A. Along continental shelve
B. Along the mid-ocean ridge
C. On abyssal plains
D. In trenches

20. All of the following can be found in the upper course of a river except ___.
A. Cataracts
B. Gorges
C. Leaves
D. Potholes

21. Overland flow is ___.
A. The rate of fall in altitude of the stream surface in the downstream direction
B. The slow movement of water underground
C. Runoff that flows down the slopes of the land in distributed sheets
D. When water occupies a narrow channel confined by lateral banks

22. Which is a group of stars, gas and dust held together by gravity?
A. Black hole
B. Galaxy
C. Constellation
D. Supergiant

23. Which of the following is wrongly paired?
A. Limestone-Graphite
B. Sandstone - Quartzite
C. Clay-Slate
D. Granite – Gneiss

24. The main characteristic of a river entering the sea is ___.
A. Erosion and sluggishness
B. Sluggishness and deposition
C. Deep and Straight Bank
D. Evaporation and disappearance

25. In a forested region, one human activity likely to be embarked on is ___.
A. All of the below
B. Lumbering
C. Fishing
D. Mining

26. An example of a landform produced by glaciations is ___.
A. Iceberg
B. Can-dune
C. A Cirque
D. An Ox-bow Lake

27. The following Lakes formed by deposition except ___.
A. Karst Lakes
B. Lakes forming Ox-bow Lakes
C. Lakes due to Landslides
D. Lakes forming lagoons

28. Temperature decreases with height at a rate of about ___.
A. 1˚ F for every 350 feet
B. 1˚ F for every 200 feet
C. 1˚ F for every 100 feet
D. 1˚ F for every 300 feet

29. Under which of the following climates would you except physical weathering to be normally?
A. Hot desert
B. Savannah
C. Equatorial
D. Warm Temperature

30. Water bodies cover about ___.
A. 80% of the Earth’s Surface
B. 40% of the Earth’s Surface
C. 70% of the Earth’s Surface
D. 25% of the Earth’s Surface

31. Two examples of inland drainage Lakes in Africa
A. Lake Malawi and Lake Turkana
B. Lake Chad and Lake Edwards
C. Lake Chad and Lake Turkana
D. Lake Victoria and Lake Ngami

32. The circulation of the oceans and the atmosphere primarily help to re-distribute and equalize global ___.
A. Fauna
B. Oxygen
C. Flora
D. Heat

33. The appearance of a features on a map is a function of ___.
A. Angle
B. Area
C. Pen Size
D. Scale

34. A common natural response of people of the problem of uneven distributed of resources in a place is ___.
A. Hoarding
B. Shifting cultivation
C. Family planning
D. Migration

36. The critical temperature at which the air being cooled becomes saturated with vapour is known as __.
A. Adiabatic lapse rate
B. Condensation trail
C. Dew point
D. Wet adiabatic

37. With which one of the following areas are active volcanoes associated?
A. Plateau Surfaces
B. Continental Plains
C. Newly Folded Mountains
D. Coastal Regions

Instructions: Use the map below to answer questions 37-40.
nda past questions geography 2018

37. The bearing of Fan from Ere is apparently ___.
A. 150˚
B. 50 ˚
C. 350 ˚
D. 300 ˚

38. The likely occupation of the people in the area is ___.
A. Lumbering
B. Market gardening
C. Farming
D. Mineral mining

39. River Dor flows towards the ___.
A. East
B. West
C. South West
D. South East

40. Fan Settlement can be described as ___.
A. Linear settlement
B. Valley settlement
C. Mountain settlement
D. Cave settlement


1.  D
2.  C
3.  B
4.  D
5.  D
6.  C
7.  C
8.  C
9.  B
10. D
11. A
12. C
13. A
14. C
15. D
16. B
17. A
18. D
19. A
20. C
21. C
22. B
23. A
24. B
25. B
26. C
27. A
28. D
29. A
30. A
31. C
32. D
33. D
34. D
35. C
36. C
37. B
38. C
39. B
40. A

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