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Kumba Iron Bursaries 2023/2024 | How To Apply For Kumba Iron Bursary, Internship & Learnership

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If you have been searching for information concerning Kumba Iron Bursaries 2023/2024 | How To Apply For Kumba Iron Bursary, Internship & Learnership, Kumba iron ore bursary 2023, Lonmin bursaries 2023, Kumba iron ore learnerships in Kathu, Xstrata bursaries application forms bursaries, Kumba iron ore vacancies and we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that you get all the information you need to know to acquire this bursary in 2023/2024.

How To Apply For Kumba Iron Bursary, Internship & Learnership

According to Wikipedia, a bursary is a monetary award made by an institution to individuals or groups of people who cannot afford to pay full fees. In return for the bursary, the individual is usually obligated to be employed at the institution for the duration of the bursary.

Having totally told you what a bursary is about, it's high time we quickly take a look at the topic of today “Kumba Iron Bursaries  | How To Apply For Kumba Iron Bursary, Internship & Learnership”.

In this guide, you shall get all the information relating to the bursary and how to go about the application, especially the application deadline.

Kumba Iron Bursaries | How To Apply For Kumba Iron Bursary, Internship & Learnership

Kumba Iron Ore Ltd strives towards making a difference not only in the lives of those they touch but furthermore also in the world we live in.  They believe through their bursary program that they are aiding in preparing the leaders of tomorrow.  They are prepared to stand behind the right candidate all the way.  If you think you have what they are looking for, apply today.

Kumba Iron offers exceptional bursary programs, and they also offer training and support to students and graduates alike.  They are known to be a great employer of choice.  Find out what can Kumba Iron Ore offer you.  If you are currently in Grade 12 / Matric and have a keen interest in engineering fields or geology, Kumba Iron Ore may have a bursary for you.

Here is a look at what they offer exceptionally talented candidates.  The Kumba Iron bursaries include a service binding contract for an equal amount of years as was the bursary time frame.  The Kuma Iron bursary will cover the University fees for tuition, registration, exams, accommodation at the University, meals provided at the University, required books, pocket money and also a computer allowance for 2nd-year students.

Kumba Iron Available Bursaries 

If you are planning to study in one of the following fields, one of these bursaries may be your answer.

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Information Engineering
  • Geology
  • Mining Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Science
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering

Kumba Iron Bursaries Requirements 

To qualify for one of these outstanding bursaries, candidates will require the following:

  • Grade 12 level of education
  • English with a C symbol
  • Mathematics with a C symbol
  • Science with a C symbol
  • Possess a South African ID

Kumba Iron Bursaries Opportunities

Some of the Kumba Iron Ore Mines throughout South Africa also offer Learnerships for Artisans.

These may include:

  • Fitter
  • Boilermaker / Plater and Welder
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Electrician
  • Millwright

You will require the following to qualify:

  • Code 08 South African Drivers License
  • Valid Medical Certificate of Fitness or be able to acquire one
  • Grade 12 with four (4) N2 subjects
  • For Millwright with Fitter & Electrical theory, the candidate will require five (5) N2 subjects

N2 Subjects that are preferred are as follows:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Science
  3. Technical drawing / Engineering
  4. Industrial Electronics
  5. Structural drawing (Plater)

  • Theory – Fitter
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Welder / Plater
  • Electrical

You are responsible to provide valid certified copies of all documentation.  Salary will be in accordance with the regulations of Kumba Iron Ore Ltd.  The process is known to be fair as well as objective.  Applications that reach each division late or are found to be incomplete will be discarded.  Housing is not provided for by the mines.  Please note that candidates who have not heard anything in six weeks after the closing date have been unsuccessful.  Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.  If you have any inquiries please contact 014 777 3060.

Kumba Iron Bursaries Application

Please include your latest school results, as well as a certified copy of your ID.  You can apply for your Kumba Iron Bursaries Online here.  Once completed and all required documentation attached, you can send your application via e-mail, postage or hand delivery.  Here are the individual addresses:

Go Here for Contact Details

Kumba Iron Bursaries Closing Date

Please check their website for opening and closing dates. Please be sure to complete the form in detail and attach all documentation as required.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “Kumba Iron Bursaries  | How To Apply For Kumba Iron Bursary, Internship & Learnership“.

We hope you found our article helpful; if so, don't hesitate to share it with others using the share buttons below.

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