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Use the map of Dumagi Country and answer questions 1 - 5
NDA Past Questions On Geography 2011


1. The major economic activity of the people of Ndakansa is likely to be
 A. animal husbandry
 B. fishing
 C. farming
 D. water transport

2. The total length of River Boozo shown o Dumagi county map is
 A. 10.50km
 B. 5.05km
 C. 15.10km
 D. 15.50km

3. The general landscape of the area can be described as a
 A. flood plain
 B. mountainous
 C. High plain
 D. low plain

4. Ndakansa can best be described as a
 A. confluence settlement
 B. nodal settlement
 C. linear settlement
 D. scattered Settlement

5. The point markednda past questions on geography 2011represents a
 A. spot height
 B. Minor trigonometrical station
 C. Primary trigonometrical station
 D. secondary trigonometrical station

6. Nigeria has no natural boundaries except the
 A. Chad basin
 B. Adamawa plateau
 C. Mandara mountains
 D. Coastline

7. Nigeria's absolute location lies between.
 A. 7° - 10°N, 3° - 17°E.
 B. 4° - 14°N, 3° -15°E.
 C. 8° - 14°N, 5° - 10°E.
 D. 5° - 14°N, 3° - 11°E

8. Nigeria shares borders with the following countries
 A. Benin Republic, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Chad
 B. Togo, Benin Republic, Niger, Chad
 C. Gulf of Guinea, Cameroon, E. Guinea, Chad
 D. Niger Republic, Cameroon, Chad, Benin Republic

9. Which is the largest country in South America?
 A. Brazil
 B. Argentina
 C. Peru
 D. Chile

 10. Sao Paulo is a city in
 A. Columbia
 B. Mexico
 C. Ecuador
 D. Brazil

 Which of these countries is not in the temperate region?
 A. Britain
 B. Sweden
 C. Malaysia
 D. Norway

 12. The appearance of a feature on a map is a function of
 A. Scale
 B. Pen size
 C. Area
 D Angie

 13. One of the following is used in map reduction and enlargement:
 A. Area
 B. Volume
 C. Scale
 D. Length

 14. Which of the following features gives an explanation to what a map contains
 A. Scale
 B. Colour
 C. Legend
 D. Date

15. One of these people gave Nigeria her name:
 A. Flora Shaw
 B. Mary Slessor
 C. Flora Nightingale
 D. Lord Lugard

16. The busiest and the most important route that links two of the most populous and heavily industrialized parts of the world is the
 A. cape route
 B. North Atlantic route
 C. Panama canal route
 D. trans-pacific route

17. Chaparral is a type of vegetation in the New World. Its counterpart in the old world is
 A. Cork oak
 B. Acacia
 C. Marquis
 D. Flax

18. The Mediterranean type of climate occurs in the South-West corner of South Africa because.
 A. the Benguela current misses that part
 B. the cape is stormy
 C. it lies in the region of winter anti-trade winds
 D. it is too far away from the equator

19. Which of the following is the best description of climate?
 A. The average condition of rainfall, wind, sunshine, temperature, humidity and       cloudiness over a period of 35 years
 B. General atmospheric conditions
 C. The average condition of temperature and rainfall
 D. The pattern of rainfall for a number of years

20. The first railway in the world was opened by George Stevenson in
 A. 1835
 B. 1830
 C. 1825
 D. 1820

21. The current population size of the world is 'about
 A. 6 billion
 B. 5.9 billion
 C. 5.5 billion
 D. 6.2 billion

22. The following are lakes formed by deposition except
 A. lakes due to landslides
 B. lakes forming ox-bow lakes
 C. lakes forming lagoons
 D. karst lakes

23. Plant growth generally ceases when the air temperature remains below
 A. 32°F
 B. 60°F
 C. 42°F
 D. 50°F

24. Temperature decreases with height at a rate of about
 A. 1°F for every 100 feet
 B. 1°F for every 200 feet
 C. 1°F for every 300 feet
 D. 1°F for every 350. feet

25. In which of the following deserts are whalebacks most often found?
 A. Kalahari
 B. Sahara
 C. Gobi
 D. Arizona

26. Which of the following winds has a significant melting effect on snow?
 A. Monsoon
 B. Chinook
 C. Polar
 D. Harmattan

27. Which of the following rivers is not a tributary of the Amazon?
 A. Madeira
 B. Tapajos
 C. Negro
 D. Salado

28. Bluffs are formed by
 A. meandering
 B. cavitation
 C. lateral erosion
 D. vertical erosion

29. The level at which rock is saturated is called
 A. water table
 C. hydraulic level
 C. Abney level
 D. permeability level

30. One of the following is not a process of marine erosion:
 A. Hydraulic action
 B. Corrosion
 C. Attrition
 D. Conduction

31. Which of the following groups of environmental problems is commonly associated with mining activities?
 A. Air pollution, floods and sandstorms
 B. Deforestation, soil desiccation and heat wave
 C. Oil spillage, drought and land subsidence
 D. Soil erosion, sedimentation and land dereliction.

32. Agbaja Plateau in Kwara State and Nsude of Udi Plateau are important to Nigeria's industrial development efforts because they are sources of
 A. cooking coal
 B. iron ore
 C. glass sand
 D. limestone

33. Nigeria's second seaport in terms of tonnage of goods handled is
 A. Warri
 B. Calabar
 C. Part-Harcourt
 D. Bonny

34. The Fadama lands of the Niger/Benue trough are mostly known for the commercial production of
 A. yam and vegetables
 B. potatoes and benni-seed
 C. rice and sugar cane
 D. maize and guinea corn

35. Which of the following countries is well known for aluminium smelting?
 A. Nigeria
 B. Ghana
 C. Senegal
 D. Liberia

36. ECOWAS is a viable economic region because of
 A. the large size of the territory
 B. the support it receives from the E.E.C
 C. Its mineral and agricultural potentialities
 D. the ability of a region to defend itself against external aggression.

37. Which of the following countries of Africa has little or no potential for hydro-
 electricity generation?
 A. Sudan
 B. Mozambique
 C. Mauritania
 B. Liberia

38. The western side of Southern Africa is dry because
 A. it enjoys tropical climate
 B. of the absence of mountains
 C. the main deli blows Offshore
 B. it has a Mediterranean type of climate

39. What is the most important mineral deposit found in the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic?
 A. Petroleum
 B. Phosphate
 C. Iron Ore
 D. Bauxite

40. Which of the following countries produces all of copper, petroleum, iron ore and diamonds?
 A. Egypt
 B. Zimbabwe
 C. Angola
 D. Tanzania


1.   C
2.   C
3.   D
4.   C
5.   A
6.   D
7.   B
8.   D
9.   A
10. B
11. C
12. A
13. C
14. C
15. D
16. B
17. C
18. C
19. A
20. B
21. A
22. D
23. A
24. C
25. B
26. B
27. B
28. D
29. A
30. D
31. D
32. B
33. A
34. C
35. D
36. C
37. C
38. C
39. B
40. B

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