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NDA 2012 History Past Questions and Answers

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NDA 2012 History Past Questions and Answers

1. The Dutch were the first to
A. East Africa
B. North Africa
C. Southern Africa
D. West Africa.

2. Afrikaner Language is a combination of
A. The Dutch and Bantu Language
B. The Bantu and English Language
C. The Swahili and English
D. The East and Central African Languages

3. The Arochukwu hegemony was associated
with _____.
A. The Hausa culture
U. The Igbo culture
C. The Tiv culture
D. The Yoruba culture

4. The Trans-Sahara trade route was
associated with _____.
A. caravans
B. palm produce
C. rail ways
D. vehicles

5. _____ state was the nucleus of Ghana
A. Aoukar
B. Benin
C. Hadh
D. Walata

6. The founder of Mali Empire in 1230
A. Mansa Uli
B. Mansa Musa
C. Mansa Sundiata
D. Mansa Dantukai

7. Who were the rulers that immensely
contributed to the growth of the Songhai
A. Askia Ali and Maduba
B. Sunmi Ali and Askia Mohammed Toure
C. Madakzula and Ahmed
D. Askia Ukabi and Mabil

8. The chronicle of [aura traced the ancestry of
the seven Hausa states to _____.
A. Bakura
B. Bayajidda
C. Bukarma
D. Baghdad

9. National African Company later came to be
known as Royal Niger Company because it was
given a _____.
A. license
B. permit
C. charter
D. liberty

10. Sultan Attahiru was killed by the British
forces at the Battle of Burmi in _____.
A. 1903
B. 1906
C. 1914
D. 1933

11. The Benin King who had altercation with
Acting Consul-General Mr. Phillips in 1895 was_____.
A. Oba Eweka
B. Oba Eradiawa
C. Oba Ovonramwen
D. Oba Okondu

12. Which of the colonial officers was charged with the responsibility of establishing imperial West African Frontier Force in 1897?
A. Colonel Ralph Moor
B. Colonel F. Lugard
C. Captain Maloney
D. Major Mathew

13. The Military Government that handed over power to civil authority in 1979 was headed by _____.
A. Maj. Gen. Emmanuel Abisoye
B. Lt. Gen, TN. Danjuma
C. General Olusegun Obasanjo
D. General Ibrahim Babangida

14. The first party to emerge as having won
the general election in 1999 was _____.
A. People Salvation Party (PP)
B. Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN)
C. Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
D. Congress for Progressive Change (CPC)

15. The following describes the concept
"scramble- except _____.
A. search to develop colonies
B. struggle for colonies
C. diplomatic struggle to secure colonies
D. physical search to secure territories

16. The Nigerian Regiment of the WAFT
participated in the World War I in _____.
A. 1914 – 1918
B. 1920 – 1922
C. 1923 – 1925
D. 1960 – 1963

17. The immediate cause of the World War I
was _____.
A. The arms race
B. The rise of Otto Von Bismark
C. The murder of Arch — duke Ferdinand
D. German Territorial claims in the Balkan

18. The Yom-Kippu war is otherwise known as the _____.
A. 1948 War
B. 1956 War
C. Six-Day War
D. 1973 War

19. The "Cold War" was characterized by all of the following except _____.
A. direct war between the blocs
B. arms race
C. Ideological rivalry
D. struggle for allies and territory

20. The tactics adopted by the Chinese
Communist Party to escape elimination by the Koumintang forces of Chuang Kai Shek is
known as _____.
A. Long March
B. Medium March
C. Guerilla Method
D. Medium Term March

21. The first Boer Republic established as a
result of the Great Trek was _____.
A. Transvaal
B. the Cape
C. the Orange Free State
D. Natal

22. The European power that acquired the
largest number of territories in West Al'ilea was _____.
A. Britain
B. Germany
C. Belgium
D. France

23. The French policy of Assimilation failed
primarily because _____.
A. Africans lacked the required level of
B. was expensive to implement
C. it required total rejection or African culture
D. no African sought to be assimilated

24. The Mau Mau revolt in Kenya had its origin in the _____.
A. colonial government's inability to provideessential services to the people
B. imprisonment of Jomo Kenyatta by the
colonial administration
C. occupation of Kikuyu land by the British
D. inherent militancy of the Kikiyu

25. Amilcar Cabral led the liberation struggle
against Portuguese domination in _____.
A. Angola
B. Mozambique
C. Guinea Bissau
D. Cape Verde

26. Samore Toure is best remembered for his
A. moral uprightness
B. religious devotion
C. contribution to the growth of the Tukolor
D. outstanding resistance to European
imperialism in Africa

27. The capital of Adamawa Emirate was built by Adama at _____.
A. Birnin Gazargamu
B. Zindar
C. Kukawa
D. Vola

28. Eastern and Western Regions were
granted regional self-government following the
A. 1953 London Constitutional Conference
B. 1954 Lagos Constitutional Conference
C. 1957 Constitutional Conference
D. 1958 Congitutional Conference

19. The symbol of FESTAC' 77 was a _____.
A. Igbo Ukwu art
B. Nok art
C. Benin art
D. Diama art

30. Which political party won the 1979 general
election in Nigeria?
A. The NPP
C. The NPN
D. The PRP

31. The first Nigerian Bishop of the. Church
Missionary Society was:
A. Townsend
B. Johnson
C. Thompson
D. Crowther

32. The first part of Nigeria to be accorded the
status of colony was _____.
A. Benin
B. Calabar
C. Badagry
D. Lagos

33. ''Pearl Harbour" is mostly remembered due
A. the Japanese attack
B. the German invasion
C. the British Expedition
D. the Chinese invasion

34. Sources or information for historical writing
A. methodology and stratigraphy
B. radiology and topography
C. linguistics and Archaeology
D. tales and rumours

35. The Nigerian Armed Forces contributed
troops for Peace Keeping in these countries
A. Congo
B. Lebanon
C. Sudan
D. Ghana

36. The Aba women's uprising of 1929 was
organized to ____.
A. secure women's emancipation
B. protest payment of tax by women
C. support organization of Aba market women
D. support indirect rule

37. At the 1950 Ibadan constitutional
conference, the Northern delegation demanded
in the proposed central legislature
A. equal representation for each of the three
B. more representation for itself than the other
two regions together
C. parity of representation between the North
and the other two together
D. the scat of Speaker for the North

38. The curly spread of Islam in West Africa
was aided by
A. Spanish mercenaries
B. the Moors
C. the Akan speaking people
D. lone distance trade

39. In the 1954 Constitution, the exclusive
legislative list contained
A. 100 subjects.
B. 150 subjects
C. 168 subjects
D. 200 subjects

40. Tsoede was the putative founder of ____.
A. Idoma Kingdom
B. Nupe Kingdom
C. Igalla Kingdom
D. Jukun Empire


1. C
2. A
3. B 
4. A
5. A
6. C
7. B
8. B
9. C
10. A
11. C
12. B
13. C
14. C
15. A
16. A
17. C
18. C
19. A
20. A
21. C
22. A
23. C
24. C
25. C
26. D
27. D
28. A
29. C
30. C
31. D
32. D
33. A
34. C
35. D
36. B
37. B
38. D
39. C
40. B

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